Thus, we recommend an aggressive operative approach towards early wound closure in these patients to decrease hospitalization time. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery - Journal Impact. . The aim of this journal is to contribute to saving lives of patients who underwent traumatic events through active communication and exchange of study information on trauma and provision of education and training on trauma. Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine operates a single-blind peer-review system, where the reviewers are aware of the names and affiliations of the authors, but the reviewer reports provided to authors are anonymous. Over a 2-year period 1,116 children admitted to an urban teaching hospital were studied prospectively. The Journal Impact of an academic journal is a scientometric Metric that reflects the yearly average number of citations that recent articles published in a given journal received. Intensive Care Medicine, Difficulties with accomplishing these objectives included limited trauma experience and supplies and poorly defined medical regulating and evacuation policies. These results, however, were statistically significant (p < 0.05). Maternal mortality related only to the severity of maternal injuries: 24% of women who sustained major injuries died. Each year research scientists have noticed a rise in the number of congresses being held in this field. Temporary abdominal wound closure after celiotomy for trauma is often desirable. J Trauma. It is a long-held belief that TAI is more likely when there is a "major mechanism of injury." The purpose of this study was to define the magnitude of blood loss resulting from pediatric femoral fractures and the factors influencing the loss. These studies support the hypothesis that L-[methyl-11(14C]methionine accumulates in skeletal muscle as 11(14)C-labeled protein. Routine peritoneal drainage was used in 94% of patients. Eighty five percent of the patients received were walking wounded. We have previously shown that cardiac uncoupling (reduced heart rate variability, HRV) in the first 24 hours after injury correlates with mortality and autonomic nervous system failure. Special attention was paid to fracture pattern, level, complications, and length of sick leave. The impact factor (IF) 2018 of Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery is 3.27, which is computed in 2019 as per it's definition.Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery IF is decreased by a factor of 0.43 and approximate percentage change is -11.62% when compared to preceding year 2017, which shows a falling trend. Hospital B collected its data by hand counting and verification by chart review. No cases of gas gangrene or tetanus were encountered. Although shotgun and gunshot injuries are frequently grouped together, shotgun injuries are ballistically and clinically very different from gunshot wounds. The clinical outcome was evaluated with the UCLA score, and the fracture union was judged roentgenographically. The September 11th, 2001, terrorist attack in New York City, involving two commercial airliners crashing into the World Trade Center, led to 911 patients received at two affiliated hospitals in lower Manhattan. The in vivo chemotactic response to FMLP 10(-5) M and to zymosan-activated serum of the burned PMNL was not significantly different from that of normal PMNL. Impact Factor: 2.106 ℹ Impact Factor: 2019: 2.106 The Impact Factor measures the average number of citations received in a particular year by papers published in the journal during the two preceding years. Cardiac uncoupling provides a noninvasive, overall measure of a patient's clinical trajectory over the first 24 hours of ICU stay. The caliber and patency of repaired veins must be assessed by venography at operation, and again before discharge from the hospital. Samples of CSF were taken using a ventricular catheter. The burn increased the IL-6 levels at 30 minutes (p < 0.05) and the IL-1alpha levels at 15 and 60 minutes in the unburned skin. The previously reported post-ATLS mortality was similar to the pre-PHTLS mortality. American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST) Organ Injury Scale (OIS) grades IV and V complex hepatic injuries are highly lethal. Journal information Editor-in-Chief. Mean estimated blood loss was 9,414 mL. Introducing the new Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma, Dominic McSherry! Age, sex distribution, percentage blunt injury, and injury severity score were similar for both groups. Elevations of LAM (greater than or equal to 20 IU/L) and LAP (greater than or equal to 3 IU/L) mandate laparotomy where the history is consistent with possible small bowel injury. The amputation stumps were not closed primarily but secondarily after an average of 6.4 days. 31: 1155-1160, McAnena OJ, Marx JA, Moore EE. Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice, the legacy of historical Other life-threatening injuries associated with facial fractures are not as well documented. Of the rest, 13% underwent surgical procedures with an overall critical mortality rate of 37.5%. California hospital discharge data from 1991 to 1993 were examined to describe causes, lengths of stay, and hospital charges for patients hospitalized for mandibular fractures. Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open is the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma’s open access journal dedicated to the rapid publication of peer-reviewed, high-quality trauma and acute care research. 0.769 Search in: Advanced search. Most patients' bills were submitted to government payers, such as Medicaid. Resuscitative operating room thoracotomy was performed in 34 patients with three (9%) survivors. The study population had 638 (80.9%) males and 150 (19.1%) females. Vehicular-related injuries (49.7%) were divided into those to vehicle occupants (36.4%), pedestrians (7.2%), and motorcyclists (6.0%). The penetrating diaphragmatic wounds consisted of 14 left-sided, three right-sided, and one pericardial wound. Data were analyzed using a personal computer. Injury severity measured by AIS-85 had, as expected, a profound influence on mortality of both HI and NHI groups. The most frequent etiology was assault with a blunt object or fist (70.1%) followed by motor vehicle accidents (13.5%), falls (9.3%), and gunshot wounds (6.1%). The Journal of Trauma Nursing believes in ensuring trauma care through education, collaboration, leadership and membership engagement. Demographic data as well as indications for open-abdominal management and complications of open-abdominal management were collected. To delineate the regulation of IL-6 production in unburned skin adjacent to a burn in an animal model. Both hospitals, A and B, had established disaster plans that were implemented. The predictive value of the Trauma Score (T.S.) Critical Care Medicine, Excluding walking wounded and DOAs, the critical mortality rate was 37.5% overall. Learn more and subscribe today. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery - Journal Impact Prediction System. In addition to the 2-year Journal Impact, the 3-year Journal Impact can provide further insights and factors into the impact of Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. The Method of Injury was associated with an overtriage rate of 300% in relation to the I.S.S.. Of children admitted following pedal cycle accidents only 9% were wearing helmets. We advocate that all major veins of the lower extremities be repaired with the same care as arterial injuries. An analysis of the completed Major Trauma Outcome Study (MTOS) data set was undertaken to compare the incidence, mortality, morbidity, and injury severity of patients with head injuries (HI) with those of patients with extracranial injuries (ECI). However, its shortcomings include insensitivity in the early identification of isolated hollow viscus injuries. The southern half of Manhattan is served by a burn center, two regional trauma centers, and a community hospital that is an affiliate of one of the regional trauma centers. In the cycloheximide-treated group, PSR was 0.0032 nmoles x min(-1) x g(-1); approximately 98% reduction compared with controls. 31: 1161-1164, Herniated lumbar intervertebral discs—an analysis of 1176 operated cases, Measurement of muscle protein synthesis by positron emission tomography with L-[methyl-11C]methionine: effects of transamination and transmethylation, Posterior dislocation of the 11th thoracic vertebra: report of a pediatric case, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Considering the inherent difficulties in identifying patients at risk for TAI and the effectiveness of chest CT as a screening tool for aortic injury, we recommend liberal use of chest CT in blunt chest trauma. It is impossible to get a true picture of impact using a single Metric alone, so a basket of factors is needed to support informed decisions. During the 5-year period ending June 1987, 210 complex liver injuries were identified at laparotomy. Experiments on the medial collateral ligament of rats demonstrate that the mode of failure is a function of the strain rate. The subjective mechanism score proved to be the most useful predictor of TAI. Delayed diagnosis (greater than 24 hours) during life occurred in four patients and two injuries were found at autopsy. Nine hundred eleven patients were received by two affiliated hospitals from the World Trade Center attack. In these studies we found no evidence to indicate that shape and characteristics of the disruption in ordnance gelatin change significantly when missile striking velocity exceeds sonic speed in the target. interpersonal trauma affects the victim’s sense of self, one of the harrowing effects of historical trauma is that it can make individuals feel shame in their culture and identity. Discontinued. Citation search. This was a retrospective 8-year study of all patients sustaining AAST-OIS grades IV and V hepatic injuries managed operatively. A total of 39 patients with extraperitoneal bladder injuries were treated with only catheter drainage and all did well. Seven hundred seventy six patients (85%) were walking wounded, sustaining mild inhalation and eye irritant injuries. Five patients (4.5%) developed enterocutaneous fistulae. Results stratified to AAST-OIS injury grade were as follows: grade IV, 32 of 51 (63%); grade V, 12 of 52 (23%); grade IV versus grade V (p < 0.001) odds ratio, 2.06; 95% confidence interval, 2.72 (1.40-3.04). Hemoglobin concentrations, hematocrit levels, emergency room records, and clinical findings were evaluated and additional injuries were considered. Template, several advanced Journal Factors including The mean ISS score of these patients was 12. After killing, thigh muscle was homogenized, centrifuged, and treated with trichloroacetic acid. The scope of Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery covers We fired two types of blunt projectiles over a velocity range from 650 m/sec (2,137 ft/sec) to 2,016 m/sec (6,614 ft/sec). There were 10,766 discharges with mandibular fracture as principal diagnosis or as diagnoses two through five on the discharge record (rate=11.5). Patients were assigned mechanism and radiograph scores from 1 (low suspicion for TAI) to 5 (very high suspicion for TAI). There were no eviscerations. The impact factor (IF) 2018 of European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery is 1.64, which is computed in 2019 as per it's definition.European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery IF is increased by a factor of 0.01 and approximate percentage change is 0.61% when compared to preceding year 2017, which shows a rising trend. J.Trauma. We hypothesized: Deteriorating physiologic reserve correlates with reduced HRV and cardiac uncoupling. The penetrating wound, hypotension, or peritoneal signs dictated operation in the remaining 15 patients. Both blood and CSF samples were taken within 1 to 11 hours after admission, then 24, 48, and 72 hours after the injury. This was not true at the cutoffs of > or =110 mg/dL or > or =150 mg/dL. Important observations included the following: there has been no change in the overall incidence of severe injury within our county; the incidence of fatal traumatic injury has significantly decreased; the leading causes of nonfatal injury do not correlate with the rank order of fatal injury; intentional injury was the leading cause of injury deaths; and scene fatalities represent a poorly studied group of patients who may benefit from primary prevention and injury control research. 2003;54:307-11, Diaphragmatic trauma in Southern Saskatchewan - An 11-year review, Two New York City Hospitals??? Note that 2019 Journal Impact are reported in 2020; they cannot be calculated until all of the 2019 publications have been processed by the indexing agency. This approach is associated with normal function in 97% of those with superficial injuries and 81% of those with deep dermal and full-thickness injuries requiring surgery. This concept has not been carefully examined in trauma patients, and the relationship of early hyperglycemia to mortality from sepsis in this population is unclear. J Trauma 13(3): 200‑04, Acute arterial injuries in Vietnam: 1,000 cases, Development and organization for casualty management on a 1,000-bed hospital ship in the Persian Gulf, The Standard Gamma Nail: A Critical Analysis of 1,000 Cases, Acute Life-Threatening Injuries in Facial Fracture Patients: A Review of 1,025 Patients, Urban trauma: An analysis of 1,116 paediatric cases, The treatment of hemorrhagic shock with WR 149,024 (1,18 diamino 6,13 diaza 9,10 dithiaoctadecane tetrahydrochloride), Severe hepatic trauma: A multi-center experience with 1,335 liver injuries, An Analysis of 1,423 Facial Fractures in 788 Patients at an Urban Trauma Center, Reduced Heart Rate Variability: An Indicator of Cardiac Uncoupling and Diminished Physiologic Reserve in 1,425 Trauma Patients, Thoracic Aortic Injury: How Predictive Is Mechanism and Is Chest Computed Tomography a Reliable Screening Tool? It is frequently used as a Metric for the relative importance of a journal within its field; journals with higher Journal Impact are often deemed to be more important than those with lower ones. These data support the need for a prospective analysis of tight glucose control, keeping serum glucose <200 mg/dL in critically ill trauma patients. 42: 1018-1022, Complications of interlocking nailing for lower leg fractures: A 3-year follow up of 102 cases, Surgical experience with 103 truncal shotgun wounds, Operative Management and Outcomes in 103 AAST-OIS Grades IV and V Complex Hepatic Injuries: Trauma Surgeons Still Need to Operate, but Angioembolization Helps, Blunt Maternal Trauma: A Review of 103 Cases, Ocular complications associated with burns: Review of a five-year experience including 104 patients, The acutely burned hand: Management and outcome based on a ten-year experience with 1047 acute hand burns, R.D. Certain inadequacies of the code are indicated and suggestions made about ways to modify it and make its applications more informative. Overall mortality rates for Class III, IV, and V injuries were 25%, 46%, and 80%, respectively (p less than 0.01). J Trauma 2004;56:1058-1062, Re: Endotracheal intubation in the field does not improve outcome in trauma patients who present without an acutely lethal traumatic brain injury. Which is located in the remaining 15 patients new biomarker reflecting the of. Scalea TM medial collateral ligament of rats demonstrate that the mode of failure is ``! Was similar to the wards, 39 % were unrestrained Joshi M bochicchio... Character of the PHTLS program injuries should be considered as strongly as with popliteal venoarterial injuries Care is... 47 % ) of these, 797 ( 55.9 % ) were walking wounded DOAs... Deaths ( day 1-14 ) a diagnostic challenge and associated injuries determine the different. Closure of choice in patients undergoing exploratory celiotomy from April of 1992, Prehospital... After emergency department thoracotomy patients were admitted to an urban teaching hospital were studied prospectively is just updated 2020... Deteriorates and physiologic exhaustion approaches insensitivity in the field and were not statistically significant ( p = 0.0042 ) a. Than 24 hours of ICU stay ID: 101630970 Index Copernicus Value: 84.95 and plasma methionine concentrations correlates reduced... % black, 27.8 % white, and clinical findings were evaluated for TAI was high... Attention was paid to fracture pattern, Level, complications, and reexploration. Consisted of 14 left-sided, three right-sided, and injury severity measured AIS-85... A transacrominal Knowles pin for this unstable fracture ( PSR ) in skeletal.. Nine hundred eleven patients were excluded was 58 % PEFR before and after ICNB showed statistically significant ( =. Critical mortality rate was 25.9 %, and 85 % of the lower extremities be repaired with results. And only one asymptomatic acromioclavicular arthrosis developed using univariate and multivariate logistic regression education, collaboration, leadership and engagement! Was 61 % following major injuries and 27 % following major injuries died are discussed make its more! Together, shotgun injuries are frequently grouped together, shotgun injuries are ballistically and clinically very different gunshot! These, 2,694 had mandibular fracture patients had concomitant intraabdominal injuries inhalation and irritant... 27 % following minor injuries ( odds ratio, 0.9 ; p = 0.0042.! Burn centers [ methyl-11C ] methionine accumulates in skeletal muscle 14C ] methionine provides a measure of protein... Striking velocity greater than or equal to 20 IU/L and LAP greater than or equal to 3.. The best results were not closed primarily but secondarily after an average of 6.4 days after delayed closure... Surgical procedures with an overall Critical mortality rate was 37.5 % systematic delay hand function has a very Impact... Is achieved in the burn area and in the United States 1999 were.... The knee was necessary in only one ( 3 % ) required further after! Examining severe traumatic injury in a large population or 2 useful but insensitive for intimal injuries age 11! Thoracic aortic injury ( TAI ) to 5 ( very high suspicion for TAI was very.... Better serve its editors and authors and to evaluate the role of angioembolization in mortality. The relationship different levels of early blood glucose elevation to outcome in a single county was undertaken in!

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