Simply print the webpage. When not to use this tool. Now you have a clean page and the next step is to print or export this to PDF file. To block a page on a property that you don't own. 5- Click the Print button to send the stripped-down web page to your printer. After the Reader View extension is added to Google Chrome, load any web page that you want to print. When you print the page in Chrome for example, every link on the page has a relative URL next to it with parenthesis. You can also adjust the text size to your liking if you wish. It is possible to remove this additional as you are printing through the PAGE SETUP menu (under FILE in Internet Exp) By default, when you print a web page, the page title and and URL are printed at the top of the page, and likewise the date and time are printed at the bottom. This is probably one of the most reliable ways to bypass the “copy protection” across all different web browsers and platforms. Hit “More settings” and tweak further if you want – Remove the images, add page number, remove the URL… I have use this javascript function: